Highlights sustainability

CEO statement on sustainability

“With Geberit products, we generate sustainable added value for customers, investors and society.” Learn more

Sustainability strategy

For over ten years, Geberit’s sustainability strategy has determined goals and measures in all areas of the company and has reported in a transparent manner on what has already been achieved. Learn more

Water as a resource

Regardless of whether the goal is to develop new products or optimise our production processes, one aspect is of central importance in all our processes – to ensure the precious resource water is handled with care and used as economically as possible. Learn more

Global challenges

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations include several that Geberit pays special attention to. Learn more

CO2 strategy

Since 2006, Geberit has reduced CO2 emissions by 5% per year. In order to also achieve this goal in future, the CO2 strategy focuses on three aspects – energy savings, increased energy efficiency and the selective purchasing of renewable energy sources. Learn more

Materiality analysis

Geberit has identified those topics that internal and external stakeholders consider as being relevant. The materiality analysis prioritises these topics and presents them in a clear manner. Learn more

Stakeholder panel

In 2018, Geberit convened an external stakeholder panel made up of experts from different fields for the fourth time. The panel carefully examined the sustainability strategy, the materiality analysis and sustainability reporting before providing a valuable outsider’s view. Learn more


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