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Visit from Kenya
5 January

First foreign guests visit the Geberit Information Centre in Johannesburg (ZA)

Opened last March, the Geberit Information Centre in Johannesburg is now visited by customers from another country for the first time. The Kenyan guests are plumbers who specialise in installation systems or drainage systems and have been working together with Geberit for many years. The training is designed so that all the participants can deepen their existing knowledge and learn new things. The theoretical part is followed by practical training as well as a demonstration on the drainage tower, the latter of which well and truly amazes the visitors.

10 January

Hotel TwentySeven is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Netherlands

The listed art nouveau building, which dates back to 1913, is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic centre on Dam Square, right across from the Royal Palace. The stay at the new luxurious six-star establishment is an extraordinary experience where – thanks to the perfect combination of top-class cuisine, wellness and design – all the senses are appealed to. All the details of the exclusive interior are carefully selected and harmoniously coordinated with one another. The spacious bathrooms are enriched with marble and mosaics and equipped with elegant AquaClean Mera shower toilets from Geberit.

Visitor magnet
16 January

Geberit’s trade fair presentations attract customers around the globe

Geberit opens the trade fair season – which traditionally begins in January and runs until late autumn – with its presentation at Swissbau. Trade fairs are a wonderful opportunity to establish contact with new customers and intensify existing relationships. The local trade fair teams regularly manage to wow the visitors with new products and highlights. In the picture gallery, you can find some impressions from the trade fair presentations around the globe.

Famous namesake
7 February

Flatiron – a homage to the New York original

In addition to a wealth of listed buildings, contemporary architecture is becoming increasingly popular among the bustling shops, bars and restaurants of Fortitude Valley, a suburb of central Brisbane (AU). With Flatiron, a new luxury high-rise building is now soaring into the sky right next to the official business district. The building evokes the spirit of the New York original both in its name and its distinctive pointed wedge shape. The residential floors visually contrast with the commercially used podium, with an open recess – which houses a swimming pool with bar – separating the two building sections and creating a floating effect. The discharge stacks are equipped with Geberit Sovent fittings.

Up close and
15 February

When it comes to innovations, Geberit doesn’t take shortcuts

Innovation is lived and breathed at Geberit every day – by the scientists and specialists in research and development as well as by the engineers and draughtsmen in product development and the toolmakers and plant engineers in production. At just under two minutes long, the innovation video uses impressive images to document how innovations are created at Geberit. The camera observes the protagonists in action, vividly bringing their expertise to life for the viewer.

A champion in
20 February

The GIS success story started 25 years ago

With the launch of Geberit Installation System (GIS) in 1993, lots of things changed. And by changed we mean became easier. Entire bathrooms could be created with a single system. Fewer interfaces not only minimised the sources of errors, but also significantly reduced the time required for installation. While these sound like great selling points, the new installation technology initially represented a break with the established standards. Geberit’s technical advisors in particular had to work flat out to help the system gain acceptance in the market. The efforts at persuasion bore fruit.

Clean energy
8 March

Electricity for 560,000 households

Weighing in at over 4,000 metric tons, the massive transformer platform of the future wind farm “Hohe See” with all its extensions and superstructures has outgrown its hangar at the shipyard and has therefore been out in the open for a couple of weeks. In 2019, the wind farm will commence operations in the North Sea and play an important role in providing Europe with a sustainable energy supply. Such wind farms benefit from the higher and more constant wind speeds on the open sea and can produce twice as much electricity as comparable facilities on the mainland. However, storms, waves, salt water and the distance to the coast place very high demands on the technologies and materials. With uninterrupted operation in any weather conditions essential, it is hardly surprising that there is a backup system for many systems and units. Geberit Mapress piping systems were used for the closed cooling circuits and the sprinkler system.

business year 2017
13 March

Geberit consolidates its position as the leading supplier of sanitary products in Europe

In the 2017 financial year, good results were achieved and our position as the leading supplier of sanitary products in Europe was further consolidated. Consolidated net sales in 2017 increased by 3.5% to CHF 2,908.3 million. Operating profit (EBIT) adjusted for one-off costs related to the Sanitec acquisition and integration increased by 2.9% to CHF 706.1 million and the correspondingly adjusted EBIT margin came to 24.3%. Adjusted net income rose by 3.5% to CHF 604.2 million, with an adjusted return on net sales of 20.8%. Adjusted earnings per share improved by 3.7% to CHF 16.43.

One strong brand
14 March

Geberit simplifies its brand portfolio

With the acquisition of Sanitec in 2015 and the associated takeover of its existing ceramics brands, Geberit extended its business segment in the area of bathroom products. To be able to appeal to customers more effectively and efficiently in future, a further important step is now being taken: from 2019, the Keramag, Allia, Pozzi-Ginori and Sphinx brands are to be integrated in the Geberit brand. By making this change, Geberit is reducing the complexity in production and logistics and
simultaneously creating clarity in its brand portfolio.

Five new products
1 April

Geberit presents its new products for 2018

Whether sanitary technology, ceramic sanitary appliances or bathroom furniture – the market innovations impress thanks to their intelligent functions and timeless

4 April

At the 19th General Meeting, all the proposals submitted by the Board of Directors are approved

After the summary of the results achieved and an overview of the past year as well as an outlook for the 2018 financial year, the Board of Directors asked the shareholders to vote. The General Meeting agrees with the proposals submitted by the Board of Directors and approves all the agenda items. For example, it approves the Financial Statements for 2017 and ratifies a dividend of CHF 10.40 per share, which corresponds to an increase of 4.0% compared with the previous year. All the members of the Board of Directors standing for re-election for a further year in office are also re-elected.

Put through
its paces
10 April

Before a product is launched on the market, it is thoroughly tested under realistic conditions

Tests are conducted around the clock in the sanitary technology laboratory (SanLab) at the headquarters in Rapperswil-Jona (CH). These include long-term tests. Although such tests are not the rule, they are by no means uncommon. With many products, the wear and ageing process can be artificially accelerated. An example? Over six years ago, Geberit launched a self-sustaining power supply for fully automatic taps. A year prior to the market launch, six of these power supply units were put into operation in the SanLab. Almost eight years later, the test is still being conducted.

17 April

Living in a very small space without sacrificing luxury?
Containerwerk makes it possible

Amazing things can be created with shipping containers. The young Stuttgart-based (DE) start-up Containerwerk couldn’t agree more and decided to present its concept at this year’s edition of the art and design trade fair Fuori Salone in Milan (IT). It quickly proved a crowd-puller. Even the bathroom in the two-storey container is a thing of beauty, boasting a wide variety of comfortable and attractive features. The wall drain for showers and the AquaClean Mera are just some of the products found in the exhibition modules. Geberit Huter, a specialist in the prefabrication field, is responsible for developing the bathroom.

The billion mark has been reached
19 April

The billionth Mapress fitting leaves the assembly line in the production plant in Langenfeld (DE)

Pressing technology is almost 50 years old. Still relatively unknown in the mid-1990s, it has since become the standard in many countries for gas and water installations in technical building systems. Pressing is used today instead of welding. The billionth Geberit Mapress fitting is proof of the success of the technology that has been the standard for a wide range of installation applications for generations. How it originated? Take a look for yourself.

Innovative vs.
1 May

The SmartLab in Singapore – a platform for the bathroom of the future

At the BCAA campus in Singapore, a special bathroom exhibition is arousing the interest of the students. The exhibition consists of two bathrooms – an innovative solution from Geberit featuring prefabricated bathroom units and a conventional bathroom – set up beside one another. The conventional bathroom is a replica of an ev­ery­day toilet in Singapore with a floor-standing WC, two discharge stacks and a cross-floor drainage system. In order to pave the way for innovative design of the bathroom space in Singapore, the intelligent prefabricated bathroom contains the best solutions that Geberit has to offer. The direct comparison quickly shows how Geberit products can be used to create quieter and more space-saving bathrooms.

Our main man in Morocco
6 May

The Geberit employee Tom van Hoof has already lived on three different continents

Tom van Hoof has been working at Geberit for a decade. Having started at the company as a technical advisor in Belgium, he later moved to China before taking up his current position as head of the local Geberit office in the Moroccan city of Casablanca in 2016. Together with a small team, he looks after market cultivation, technical advice and service in the region and ensures that more and more people in Morocco become aware of Geberit. They recently started offering practical training sessions where customers learn how to correctly handle PE-HD pipes and the Pluvia roof drainage system – talk about first-class customer service!

Values in focus
10 May

An invitation by Geberit to discuss its culture and company values

Well over 6,000 employees are affected by the streamlining of the brand portfolio. In order to give them a better understanding of the values of the brand and the company Geberit, a series of cultural workshops were held at various sales and production sites.

Clever laboratories
14 May

The Maersk Tower is currently the most sustainable laboratory building in Denmark

The Maersk Tower is home to the research institute of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. When planning the building, special attention was paid to optimising energy consumption. The functionality of the 15-storey building was therefore planned right down to the smallest detail. Various environmentally friendly solutions – including reusing rainwater and generating energy using photovoltaic systems – can be found in the Maersk Tower. Even the 3,300 facade elements made from folded copper sheet that adorn the window fronts have a special function – they act as both shading and as a windbreaker. Geberit Pluvia and PE pipes convey the excess rainwater into underground tanks. This water is then used for watering the green areas.

19 June

Geberit UK receives industry-recognised “Centre of Excellence“ status

The British Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) and the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) accredit the Geberit UK sales team’s showroom as a Regional Centre of Excellence. Because the training facilities and the showroom can be used in future for the education and further training of the federation’s members, this accreditation further boosts Geberit’s standing in the market. In addition to training, these facilities will also host industry meetings, helping Geberit UK to make new contacts and encouraging exchanges with specialists from the industry.

24 June

Testing Geberit shower toilets? Child’s play!

Cleaning with water is considered particularly gentle. A test proves that this is not just an empty phrase used when marketing AquaClean shower toilets. The sanitary appliances can be tested in many places – at home, at a hotel equipped with an AquaClean shower toilet or at special events such as festivals, trade shows and sporting events. To reach as many people as possible, Geberit AquaClean trucks and WC oases stop off throughout the year in several European cities and enable many testers to experience the unforgettable feeling of freshness for themselves.

28 June

Every single movement in Geberit AquaClean production is perfectly orchestrated

The new video about AquaClean Mera production in Wesel (DE) and Rapperswil-Jona (CH) shows how intensive research work and craftsmanship are combined with modern production methods and test processes. Every single movement is perfectly orchestrated here. All the production processes are carefully coordinated in order to guarantee the quality of the Geberit shower toilets. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look behind the scenes for yourself!

15 July

Geberit impresses international jury with more than just
innovative products

The members of the jury present the timelessly designed VariForm washbasins with a coveted iF Design Award. Geberit is also a podium finisher in the Best of SHK Awards, with the German sales team winning over the jury in the Marketing category with its Bathroom Journal, a publication that is a combination of design magazine and product catalogue and offers exclusive insights into bathroom stories from selected personalities.

An investment in the future
24 July

Generous donation of materials for prospective plumbers in the USA

Geberit USA donates Duofix installation systems, consumables, accessories and spare parts to the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers’ Local Union 130 – a vocational school for prospective plumbers – for the practical part of its training. “It is an investment in the future,“ says Peter Christofferson, Marketing Services Manager for Geberit USA, explaining the campaign. “The trainees therefore come into contact with Geberit and the Duofix installation system right from the start and can bring their knowledge and their enthusiasm for Geberit into the training organisations.“

An impressive
26 July

Nestled in the Belgian dune landscape lies the picturesque bed and breakfast “The Bunkers“

Located just a few minutes from Bruges by car in the heart of the picturesque polder landscape on the Belgian coast is an exceptional bed and breakfast whose name points to an eventful history: “The Bunkers“. Originally the site of a fort that dates back to 1785, only an old farmhouse and a barn as well as five stone bunkers serve as reminders of the old complex. To meet the hosts’ desire for a comprehensive wellness programme for their guests, the bathrooms were designed as veritable mini oases of well-being, with the Geberit AquaClean Sela and 8000plus shower toilets featuring as special highlights.

Emergency shower with no hidden
30 July

The Geberit Rapid sanitary flush unit does its job reliably in the elephant enclosure at Zoo Zurich (CH)

The elephants at Zoo Zurich love to treat themselves to a bath. The bathwater is chemically treated to ensure that it doesn’t become cloudy over time. However, because the chemicals can cause burns when they come into direct contact with skin and eyes during the treatment process, the elephant house’s service building contains protective clothing for the engineers and even has an emergency shower for them just in case. Who would have thought that this sensible precaution could pose a different danger? This is because the water in the pipe section stagnates and becomes contaminated with microbes if the shower is not used for an extended period. This danger has now been averted once and for all thanks to the recently installed Geberit Rapid sanitary flush unit, which rinses the pipe at regular intervals.

Young talent
13 August

A new image film about vocational education and training at Geberit

A new image film about vocational education and training at Geberit was created in cooperation with three apprentices from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The film is designed to give pupils and parents an understanding of the training organisation. The company values were cleverly linked to the apprentices’ recreational activities. Hard to imagine? Take a look for yourself!

Strong earnings growth
14 August

Geberit posts impressive sales growth of 11% in the first half of the year

The Geberit Group posted very good results in the first half of 2018. Overall, sales increased by 11.0% to CHF 1,630 million in the first six months of the year. Currency-adjusted sales improved by 4.3%. Operating cashflow increased by 11.6% to CHF 485 million and adjusted net income grew by 13.1% to CHF 362 million.

In one place
19 August

Quicker, more mobile, better – the revised Geberit online catalogue

Geberit guarantees customers that spare parts will be available for up to 25 years. This means that everything has to be documented well and the components even have to be available long after the products themselves have stopped being sold. It doesn't take much of an imagination to realise that a huge mountain of data amasses over time. To enable customers to quickly and efficiently find spare parts online, Geberit has transferred the data into a single system. Customers can now find both the sales products and all spare parts in the online catalogue.

Focusing on
23 August

Geberit Huter has been specifically focusing on older employees when hiring new staff for around two years now

In Austria – as in many other European countries – it is difficult to find qualified employees from the trade sector and skilled crafts and trades. Geberit Huter, a subsidiary of Geberit that specialises in prefabricated elements and prefabricated bathrooms, is all too aware of this. To manage the increasing volume of orders in future, the company has been pursuing a rather unusual approach for the past two years and hired eight employees aged 54 or older. With experience showing that these employees not only contribute to a good working atmosphere, but also perform well, this strategy has been an unqualified success!

Total dedication
24 September

The Geberit apprentices fit out urgently needed toilet facilities in schools in Morocco

This year’s social project sees eight apprentices from Germany and Austria travel to Morocco. Their mission is to install new toilet facilities in two schools. At an intensive workshop, two coaches prepared the apprentices for what awaits them during their two-week assignment, namely manual labour that is worlds away from their everyday work back home. Upon their arrival, the apprentices immediately set to work – drilling, measuring, screwing and aligning – and the toilet facilities already begin to take shape after just a few days.

Digital measuring method
26 September

CT scanner ensures product quality

The measuring laboratory at the Rapperswil-Jona (CH) site has special measuring equipment and state-of-the-art measurement technology. A CT scanner was recently added to the arsenal of resources found here. While it takes just under ten minutes for it to measure an entire flush valve, the process takes longer for larger products. The collected data is then converted into a 3D model by high-performance computers and displayed on a screen, not only showing the inner and outer geometries, but also all wall thicknesses as well as any irregularities in the plastic. Thanks to the CT scanner, the process engineers can ensure consistently high product quality.

Social design
29 September

Geberit sponsors the exhibition “Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design” in the Vitra Design Museum

Built in 1989, the campus of the renowned furniture manufacturer Vitra in Weil am Rhein in the south of Germany is considered a Mecca for architecture and design enthusiasts. From 29 September 2018 until 10 March 2019, the exhibition “Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design” – the first comprehensive retrospective of the life and work of the exponent of social design – is taking place in the Frank Gehry-designed Vitra Design Museum. In Papanek’s famous book “Design for the Real World”, he advocates an understanding of design that focuses on people and their needs. This approach reflects Geberit’s ethos. Indeed, Geberit believes that good design is characterised by a combination of elegant form and functional added value.

On the home straight
1 October

15-metre-tall scaffolding as part of a discharge stack test setup

A 15-metre-tall structure soars into the sky above the production site in Rapperswil-Jona (CH). This is a discharge stack test setup that extends down into the basement of the building and is 30 metres tall in total. Rolf Weiss, development engineer for basic sanitary technology, is using it to test a new development in the area of fluid dynamics. If everything works out, an interesting new product will be launched in 2019. Curious? Sorry, but that’s all we can give away for now!

Works of art made of wire mesh
7 October

Edoardo Tresoldi is causing a sensation with architectural creations made of wire mesh

Edoardo Tresoldi plays with the transparency of wire mesh and with industrial materials to transcend the time-space dimension. He has been building gigantic wire sculptures as public art installations since 2013. When creating his works of art, he is guided by the special features of the individual places and the respective landscape. Geberit Turkey managed to secure the exceptionally gifted artist as a guest speaker for an architects’ event as part of the current Geberit campaign entitled “You Never Walk Alone”, with 700 architects and students turning up to listen to his presentation “From the Absent Matter to the Metaphysical Ruin”.

A temporary
18 October

The unmistakable, blood-red Julier Tower is hosting fantastic theatre productions up until 2020

Rugged mountains form the backdrop for this temporary theatre on the Julier Pass in Switzerland. The operators of the Origen Festival Cultural have already completed their second season at this spectacular playhouse 2,300 metres above sea level. The lines between stage and auditorium are blurred – an effect that is amplified by the height-adjustable stage. Most notable, however, is the fact that the mountain landscape is ever-present as a natural backdrop thanks to the countless arched windows. Regardless of the type of production – be it ballet, dance theatre or a concert – this beautiful alpine world never fails to impress. Since this year, people visiting the Julier Tower have also been able to enjoy the comfort of high-quality bathroom equipment and ceramic sanitary appliances from Geberit.

A unique
1 November

Geberit works together with the development organisation Helvetas to promote the transfer of knowledge in developing countries

In Mozambique, two technical advisors from Geberit spend two weeks passing on their specialist plumbing knowledge to local trainers, who in turn pass on this acquired knowledge to apprentices. Because the apprentices will carry out their work throughout the whole country – even in the rural areas of Mozambique – once they complete their training, the project is a long-term investment in education. This assignment was also unusual for Kerstine Kohler, technical sales consultant at Geberit: “It was a unique experience for me,” she confirms enthusiastically.

Assignment in
Kruger National
6 November

On the road with the technical advisor Jason Evershed from Geberit South Africa

Starting from Johannesburg (ZA), where Geberit’s main office is located, the technical advisor Jason Evershed heads directly to Kruger National Park, where new accommodation for safari-loving tourists – Skukuza Safari Lodge – is being built. Work on the building site behind a mighty baobab tree is already well advanced and has reached the roof level. Along with concealed cisterns and ceramic sanitary appli­ances from the Abalona bathroom series, the Mepla drinking water system will also feature in the lodge. “We had some rivals who were very keen to secure this contract,” Jason explains. “We won it because we are now in a position to operate close to the client even far away from major urban centres.”

In focus
18 November

The Geberit companies present their current product range in their information centres

The larger sales sites have had Geberit Information Centres for quite some time. The current product range is presented to customers here. While the focus is on complete bathrooms, visitors can also take a look at the solutions behind the wall. Such information centres are perfect for giving new and existing customers an understanding of the typical Geberit know-how and the current product range. Because the product advantages can also be demonstrated on the products themselves, these centres are also a great asset for the sales staff.

Zeros and ones
2 December

Geberit uses digital technology to make life easier for its B2B customers

In the building planning field, Geberit supports its customers by offering Building Information Modelling (BIM) data. The BIM method is the basis for the virtual planning, construction and maintenance of buildings. In addition to providing BIM data for all relevant products, Geberit also offers calculation and simulation plug-ins. The Geberit ProApp (App Store; Google Play) is a great pocket aid for plumbers. Once installed on the smartphone, it offers access to a range of Geberit resources, such as catalogues, installation videos and calculation tools. In future, it will also offer a product identification function. Geberit supports sanitary engineers and architects with invitations to tender via its web-based tendering tool, which simplifies the specification process and helps with the selection, configuration and planning of country-specific products.

Cleverly invested
9 December

Geberit invests in the expanding and modernisation of the production plants

The infrastructure is being modernised and the production area is being expanded at several sites. The reason for this is simple: Geberit is doing well. So well, in fact, that many plants recently experienced space shortages in production and in logistics. With the extension at the central logistics site put into operation in 2017, the production plants in Ekenäs (FI), Gaeta (IT), Pfullendorf (DE) and Langenfeld (DE) are now set to follow suit. Geberit is therefore optimally prepared for future growth.

Pure nature
11 December

Before the Sigma21 could be mass-produced, the project team had to overcome several hurdles

The two round buttons themselves are not new – indeed, the close relative Sigma20 has similar ones. However, when it comes to the material and how it is processed, the new actuator plate Sigma21 makes you sit up and take notice. In addition to a glass version, Geberit is also offering an actuator plate featuring the natural material slate for the first time. Although it was initially difficult to obtain the desired curve on the buttons with slate, a solution was found after the first few attempts. However, this was by no means the only challenge. After all, only when production is able to consistently manufacture the product in perfect quality is it ready for mass production.


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