Integrated Annual Report 2015
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Solutions that work well in practice – guaranteed

When plumbers remove a Geberit product from its packaging on the building site, it must be clear from the installation manual how they are to proceed. The issue becomes more challenging when several trades are involved in professionally installing a sanitary product – as is the case with a shower channel.

Geberit therefore invited plumbers, screed layers and tilers from different countries to a practical trial in Switzerland, where they installed the Geberit shower channel CleanLine – which was only available as a prototype at the time – in various realistic situations. Product developers and application engineers used the opportunity to carefully observe the craftsmen in action and exchange ideas with them. “Both the prototypes and the installation manuals passed the practical test with flying colours,” explained Andreas Schläpfer, Head of Application Engineering, following completion of the tests. “However, the discussions with the craftsmen also led to several important improvements to details. The hard work therefore more than paid off.”

Where reliability is a key product requirement, as at Geberit, it is crucial that the different trades look for solutions together – exactly the approach taken during the practical trials for the new shower channel.

Developing solutions together

The transitions between the different trades are not taken into consideration.
The product is designed with real-life situations in mind and anticipates transitions between the trades.